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Morning Routine

Helping Kids with ADHD Stay on Task – Sometimes, kiddos with ADHD can benefit more from visual reminders than constant reprimands from teachers or parents. Here are some simple ways to use lists to help these kiddos focus on the task at hand.




Anxiety Attack Brochure

Anxiety Attack Brochure – This brand new brochure has all the tips and tricks for managing and being proactive with anxiety attacks in a basic one page, printable brochure form, easy for referral on the go!




College Accommodations

Special Needs Accommodations for College Students – It can seem overwhelming when college hits, and students don’t know how to get accommodations for learning disabilities. It’s important to know that accommodations haven’t disappeared! There’s just a new way to get them.




Neurological Disorders

ComorbidityTSOCDAnxietyComorbidity in Neurological Disorders – Most people are surprised when they find out they’re dealing with multiple disorders. Our experts tell us, however, that this is actually common! Find out what comorbidity is and which disorders are generally comorbid together.



Sensory Processing Disorder


Sensory Processing Disorder – While SPD is often found in children on the Autistic Spectrum, it can also occur in other children as well. This article describes how to recognize that children are struggling with overstimulation and understimulation, as well as how to help them handle their struggles.



Tourette Syndrome


6 Ways to Support Your Friend with Tourettes – Your friend’s Tourettes can be difficult to talk about, especially if you’re not sure how comfortable your friend is discussing the disorder. Here are 6 ways to skip the awkward stage and be the most supportive friend you can be.


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