My Anti-Anxiety Soundtrack

My Anti-Anxiety PlaylistMusic is one of my greatest weapons against anxiety attacks. I’ve written before about how music can lower anxiety, so we won’t go into great detail about that here. I will, however, list some of my favorite songs that help me fight against my anxiety attacks. If you’re looking for another way to lower anxiety, go ahead and add these tunes to your playlist so it’s ready to go next time you find yourself fighting that fear.

Yes, I know these are all Christian songs, but in honesty, remembering that God is in control is what helps bring me back to the surface after I’m overwhelmed by the flood of fears and doubts that are ever lurking in my mind.

1. Hold Me, Jesus 

2. Still, My Soul, Be Still 

3. All Must Be Well

4. Be Still My Soul

5. From the Depths of Woe

6. At the Foot of the Cross – Kathryn Scott

7. Be Thou My Vision

8. Before the Throne of God Above

9. You Are My Hiding Place 

10. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

While I don’t believe in meditation the way the eastern religions use it, I fully believe that meditating on God’s attributes, simply being alone with Him, can render a fearful heart peaceful. It’s not a magic button, but it can be a wonderful aid in this stressful life we live. The world will pull us in every direction we need to look for peace, but Jesus is the only place we’ll truly find it.

Do you have certain songs that you go to when anxious? Please share in the Comment Box below. Also, don’t forget, you can get free resources on neurological disorders, education, and encouragement (and a thank you gift!) by signing up for my weekly newsletter.

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