IMG_8069-1Growing up with Tourette Syndrome, OCD tendencies, and anxiety has definitely made a mark on my life. My symptoms began when I was a child. I grew up surrounded by a supportive circle of family and friends, and I was always cared for, but as I got older, I realized I wanted to learn about others with struggles like me.

Brad Cohen’s Front of the Class was the first book I read that wasn’t a medical website, and reading about Tourettes from a first person perspective was exhilarating. I felt like I had met someone who put into words what I was feeling. I hungrily searched for similar works, but there weren’t many to be had. I wanted more.

As time went, I began to find my own words to express what I was feeling. God has been showing me how much He loves me through my trials and adventures – trials and adventures I wouldn’t have had without my Tourettes or anxiety. Because of God’s work in my life, I want to share what I’ve been given with those who are searching, who feel lost and alone like I did. I want to share what it’s like to cope with these neurological disorders in day-to-day situations. My prayer is that I can share the good life that God has given me, the ups, the downs, and all of those confusing moments in-between to encourage others. We don’t all have Tourette Syndrome or anxiety disorders, but we all have struggles, and in those struggles, we find common ground and reason to celebrate life together.

Who am I?

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, I graduated with my degree in elementary education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The day after graduation, I promptly married my best friend, and he whisked me off to our first home in northern California. After working in a school in Arkansas for two years, where my husband is stationed with the Air Force, I’m currently staying at home with my baby girl and focusing on my writing (and researching!) career.

When I’m not writing on neurological disorders, I can be found working on my fantasy novels at BrittanyFichterFiction.com. I love to read and write fantasy because, as G.K. Chesterton reminds us, dragons can be slain. We just need to be reminded of that.

Disclaimer: I have a degree in elementary education, not a medical degree. What I post here isn’t meant to diagnose or cure people. I simply want to reach out and share what I learn with others. I’ll usually have links posted where you can go and read more on the topics I discuss. I also include extra informative links in my weekly email for my newsletter subscribers. The best person to take your medical questions to, as always, is your family doctor.