Tic Management in Action (Examining a Good Morning America Interview with Tim Howard)


Remember when we discussed techniques to manage tics? Well here’s an interview I saw on Good Morning America, and I had to share it!

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It’s becoming more well-known that American soccer superstar, Tim Howard, has Tourettes. In fact, his Tourettes is so severe that while playing for England, he was often the victim of cruel media articles and shaming from soccer fans…even Manchester fans! Thankfully, Howard not only pressed on and refused to cow down to the jeering, but he rose above it by becoming the most celebrated player of the 2014 World Cup.

Tim Howard is easily one of my favorite celebrities. He loves Jesus, he loves his kids, and he works with local youth. And the guy is seriously humble. So I was overjoyed when GMA brought him on for an interview recently.

What I wanted to point out, however, was that if you watch the video from beginning to end (It’s only three minutes long.), you’ll never see a tic, at least, an obvious one. What you will see, however, is that Howard is hardly still for the entire interview. He moves from side to side, swings his arms, and is in nearly constant motion.

Now, I can’t speak for Howard, and I won’t presume to, but my guess is that Howard is using a management technique I’ve talked about here before. Instead of allowing his excess energy to funnel into tics the way it usually does, I believe Howard is using his extra movements as substitutes for the tics. It’s a lot more socially acceptable and less distracting to others to move from side to side, rather than to blink constantly or make sounds.

Again, I could be wrong. I just think though that it’s refreshing to see other people with tics learn to manage them for important moments in life. As much as we should feel comfortable with ourselves the way God created us, we can admit that we all have moments where it would be much easier not to tic. And I think the happy balance lies within finding techniques that allow us to manage our tics, rather than the other way around.

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